Beach Day

Nice sunset, huh?
Photography field trip.

I’m trying to get more practice out of my camera, especially with my new lens. I’ll be posting a bunch of my favotires here in short order.

Under New Management

HDR image of Newport Beach


Well, kinda.

Although I’ve used this website for years, it’s purpose has changed several times. It started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family when I was living far away, and later became a mouthpiece for my own thoughts on life.

However, it really lacked direction, and I hadn’t put much here in a long time.

Long story short, the old articles that I’ve posted here will be archived, and the best-of will be reposted as new content. I’ll be using this website to chronicle my own life, and I aim to post some fun creative stuff here.

This website will be my own personal homework from now on, and I’ll especially be focusing on photography, quality of writing, and entertainment.

Enjoy, and if you happen to be reading this, I always love to see comments.

Looking forward to a new start,